Divine Light Spiritualist Church

Sunday Divine Services

7 - 8:30 pm

Thank You for Visiting

We are proud to announce that we are now open for divine sunday service. Covid regulations have determined that we are limited to 30% of our capacity.  


 Please see our  Contact Us page for more specific information 

 We  continue to broadcast our service via the Church FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/DivineLightLearningCenter

Online Mediumship Mondays

Every Monday at 7:30pm Open mediumship classes with Reverend Alison Farrow and Reverend Catherine Ramdeen, cost 10$ per

class payable via email transfer to [email protected]

Zoom link will be posted on Church FB site www.facebook.com/DivineLightLearningCenter 

prior to the start of the meeting.


Rostrum Workers



August 2

Chair: Reverend Catherine Ramdeen

Speaker and Medium: Mark Fitzpatrick


August 9

Chair :  Reverend Stan Yeo

Speaker and Medium: Reverend Karen Howard


Akashic Card reading Free Online workshop by Reverend Jude Davidson

August 11 7pm to 9pm   link posted on FB page 


Laughter Yoga Session with Sandra Yeo

August 12  at 7pm  Link posted on FB page 

no set cost- donations appreciated


August 16

Chair : Lindsay Storey

Speaker and Medium: Lurlene Anderson 


Yoga Nidra ( Yogic Sleep ) Session with Sandra Yeo

August 18  at 7pm  link posted on Church FB page


August 23

Chair: Colleen Lush

Speaker and Medium: Reverend Alison Farrow


Laughter Yoga Session with Sandra Yeo

August 26th at 7pm Link posted on FB page


Healing with the Angels Workshop 

by Reverend Catherine Ramdeen 35$ in person at the church 

11:00am - 3:00pm August 29th 


Healing with the Angels Online class 25$  August 28th  6:30- 9:30


August 30

Chair : Reverend Barbara Faulkner

Speaker : Russ Sage

Mediums: Reverend Barbara Faulkner and Russ Sage


Yoga Nidra ( Yogic Sleep ) Session with Sandra Yeo

September 1 at 7pm link posted on Church FB page 

70 Commercial Avenue

Our Sunday Services

are being held here.

Governing Official

Rev. Joe Brown CSNU

D.L.S.C. Founder

Our symbol:

Peace Dove