Divine Light Spiritualist Church

Sunday Divine Services

1:00 pm Online on zoom and FB

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The physical location at 70 Commercial Drive is temporarily closed due to recommended pandemic restrictions.  Our service and classes have not been cancelled, but are being held via Zoom. 

All of our events are currently being done online.


 Please see our  Contact Us page for more specific information 

 We  continue to broadcast our service via the Church FB Page.

Donations and Payments can be sent by email payment to [email protected]

Links to all of our online events will be posted on https://www.facebook.com/DivineLightLearningCenter

Rostrum Workers



July 11

Chair: Russ Sage

Speaker & Medium: Reverend Barbara Faulkner


July 17th DLSC Online Psychic Fair

11:00 - 2:00

Readers: Reverend Sheila Scott, Reverend Jude Davidson, 

Reverend Catherine Ramdeen and Reverend Lurlene Anderson

 Free online workshops: Power of Flower Essences, Dream Analysis, Crystals

Readings at $ 1.00 a minute, Payment by email to [email protected]


July 18

Chair: Reverend Alison Farrow

Speaker & Medium: Reverend Jude Davidson


July 25

Chair: Reverend Catherine Ramdeen

Speaker & Medium: Reverend Mark Fitzpatrick

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August 1

Chair: Reverend Jude Davidson
Speaker & Medium: Reverend Heather Steeves


August 8

Chair: Reverend Lurlene Anderson
Speaker & Medium: Mark Zietsma


August 15

Chair: Reverend Alison Farrow
Speaker & Medium: Abigail Sweaton


August 22

Chair: Reverend Bob Henesey
Speaker & Medium: Reverend Sheila Scott


August 29 at 7pm at DLSC Location 

 ( If all goes well with Provincial reopening plan, Planned return to in person service)

Chair: Reverend Alison Farrow
Speaker: Reverend Catherine Ramdeen

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September 5

Speaker & Medium:


September 12

Speaker & Medium: Reverend Jude Davidson


September 19


Speaker & Medium: Reverend Nancy Nightingale


September 26

Speaker & Medium: Francis Pierre


70 Commercial Avenue

Our Sunday Services

are being held here.

Governing Official

Rev. Joe Brown CSNU

D.L.S.C. Founder

Our symbol:

Peace Dove