We are Open Sunday's for Divine Service at 10:30am 

Our Address is 70 Commercial Ave.  in Ajax


We have started a GoFundMe page to help us keep our doors open during these tough times of recovering from the pandemic.



Donations and Payments can be sent by email payment to [email protected]

We continue to broadcast our services on our facebook page.   

https://www.facebook.com/DivineLightSpiritualistChurch or see below for link

Rostrum Workers and Events 2022




  Every Sunday afternoon 1:00pm

Sound Bowl Meditation $10 donation

Rev Catherine facilitates an intuitive clearing guided meditation where she taps into spirit and intuitively senses the energies that need to be cleared. This is a group meditation, where we learn and practice Heart brain coherence breathing as well as the crystal sound bowl to clear and balance your energy leaving you with a feeling of peace.





November 6th  

Remembrance Tree Service 

with Reverend Angela Burke

This is the service where we honor our personal loved ones who have transitioned. We are selling paper doves that are placed on our remembrance tree and each person will have an opportunity to honor their loved ones in this lovely healing congregation centered service.


November 13th 

Divine Sunday Service

Chairperson: Holly Maillet

Speaker : Kim Keenan - 

Topic Helen Duncan

Mediums-  Student mediums doing billet readings

Annual General Meeting ( Nov 13th)

1:00 pm following Divine Sunday Service

All members are welcome to attend


November 20th

Divine Sunday Service

Speaker and Medium : Mediumship student  Anita Persaud-Tinker

topic- Knowing your worth


November 26th at 4:00pm 

Decorating for Christmas

Lets have hot chocolate, play Christmas music and decorate the church together


November 27th 

Divine Sunday Service 

Speaker and Medium - Patti Ryan




Divine Sunday Service 

Dec 4th


Speaker Medium : Reverend Catherine Ramdeen

Topic : Walking with the Masters # 2


Dec. 10th  11am- 4pm

Christmas Fair

We are currently looking for vendors for this event. 

Our special guest list, includes Santa Claus

(see educational material link for more details)


December 11

Divine Sunday Service

Speaker Steve Osborne

Topic : Valuing time with family and making memories


December 18 

Christmas Candlelight Service

We will sing songs and bring a pot luck item to share in the festivities of the season together. This is always an amazing service


December 25 and Jan 1st

Merry Christmas 

There will not be a Sunday service  to give everyone a chance to celebrate in their own way. 


Burning bowl Ceremony

December 30th at 7:00pm

Come join us as we clear the air for a new year.


January 8th 

Divine Sunday Service 

Speaker and Mediums : Reverend Catherine Ramdeen and Reverend Barbara Faulkner

Topic : Predictions for the coming year  using astrology, numerology and various other predictive material

70 Commercial Avenue

Our  Divine Sunday Service

is being held at 10:30 a.m.

Rev. Joe Brown CSNU

D.L.S.C. Founder

Our symbol:

Peace Dove