DLSC Events

Thursday Evening Online Fellowship Meeting

A discussion and opportunity to connect with our spiritually minded community, it is a meeting of like minded people meeting in a zoom room to discuss weekly events and share spirit messages. All are welcome. The link will be posted on our church website https://www.facebook.com/DivineLightLearningCenter

Thursday afternoon.  

Open Mediumship classes on Zoom

Monday Evenings at 7:00pm

Reverend Alison will be Mediumship classes on a weekly basis

Reverend Alison instructs in a pragmatic, direct professional and entertaining way. Trained in the UK and Canadian styles of mediumship. She has over 15 years of mediumship experience. Mediumship classes increase confidence and trust in yourself and the spirit world.

If you are uncertain about doing mediumship virtually 

this is the class for you.

Cost is 10$ per class, Payable directly to the churches email [email protected]


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