Ministerial Program

There are three Semesters.

There are 6 modules in each semester with an additional in-depth essay at the end of semester 2.

Each ministerial student:

1. Will be assigned a tutor.

2. Expected to attend Divine Services.

3. Attend classes regarding the course.

4. Prepare and present lectures (Inspirational Talks).

5. Required to preform all necessary platform demonstrations during Church Services.

6. Are encouraged to purchase the reference material as used in the course as there will not be any other material given or required to complete your exams.

7. Have all material completed before being ordained.

Prerequisite before Ordination

1. You have accepted and are following the fundamental principles of Spiritualism as your religion.

2. Hold the 3 Certificates required through DLSC.

i) Spiritual Healer

ii) Clairvoyance

iii) Lecturer/Inspirational Speaker

3. Accept and sign DLSC’s Ministerial Code of Ethics.

Rev. Joe's Development-Class Books 

are available at the church.

All development students, 

and those interested in learning Mediumship, 

are encouraged to own a copy.

Also, visit our Workshops page.

As a Clergy


Do you feel and sense that you have the potential of being a formal leader

And preside over DLSC's rituals and teachings?